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Measured and computed IMU readings on the SA Agulhas II - SCALE Spring Cruise 2019

Ship motion is measured by accelerometers in a specific array installed on the SA Agulhas II, South Africa's polar supply and research vessel, that enables the computation of translational acceleration and relative rotational velocity and acceleration at points of interest on board beyond the array measurement locations. Measurements in the dataset are stored in 5-minute batches with a 10 Hz sample rate at the locations and orientations detailed in the associated readme file in the data collection, such as the starboard Steering Gear Room. This dataset is a down-sampled subset of acceleration measurements sampled at 2048 Hz during the SCALE Spring Cruise of 2019.


National Research Foundation through the South African National Antarctic Programme



Stellenbosch University


Data acquisition: Engelbrecht, Martinique; Bossau, Jesslyn. Data processing: Taylor, Nicole. Supervision: Bekker, Anriƫtte; Kruger, Karel.




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Southern Ocean - travelling between Cape Town, South Africa, and the marginal ice zone.

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Taylor, NC, Bekker, A & Kruger, K. 2024. Measured and computed IMU readings on the SA Agulhas II - SCALE Spring Cruise 2019. Stellenbosch University. Dataset. DOI: