Stellenbosch University

Alanna Rebelo

Senior Researcher (Biosecurity science and invasive species ecology)

Hilton, South Africa


  • The hydrological benefits of restoration: A modelling study of alien tree clearing in four mountain catchments in South Africa
  • Detecting, mapping and classifying wetland fragments at a landscape scale
  • Can wetland plant functional groups be spectrally discriminated?
  • Guiding restoration of riparian ecosystems degraded by plant invasions: Insights from a complex social-ecological system in the Global South
  • Evaluating Nature-Based Solutions for Water Management in Peri-Urban Areas
  • Nature-based solutions in mountain catchments reduce impact of anthropogenic climate change on drought streamflow
  • Physico-chemical impacts of terrestrial alien vegetation on temporary wetlands in a sclerophyllous Sand fynbos ecosystem
  • Are ecosystem services adequately quantified?
  • What drives patchiness in palmiet wetlands?
  • Can Sentinel-2 be used to detect invasive alien trees and shrubs in Savanna and Grassland Biomes?
  • The hydrological impacts of restoration: A modelling study of alien tree clearing in four mountain catchments in South Africa
  • Hydrological responses of a valley-bottom wetland to land-use/land-cover change in a South African catchment: Making a case for wetland restoration
  • Are we destroying our insurance policy? The effects of alien invasion and subsequent restoration : A case study of the kromme river system, South Africa
  • Effects of alien pine plantations on small mammal community structure in a southern African biodiversity hotspot
  • The impact of anthropogenically induced degradation on the vegetation and biochemistry of South African palmiet wetlands
  • Benefits of water-related ecological infrastructure investments to support sustainable land-use: a review of evidence from critically water-stressed catchments in South Africa

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